Reverse Engineering the Salter Ultimate Accuracy Scale


Salter Ultimate Accuracy Electronic Scale Model: 9073 WH3R

Over the years there have been many, mostly successful, attempts to take a commercial weighing scale and WiFi enable them but none of these do exactly what I am after.  Subsequently there have also been products WiThings and more recently FitBit which package a scale with WiFi connectivity but these have centered around proprietary technology, further I had a special requirement which I don’t think has been covered in commercial scales to date, specifically I wanted a scale that recorded my weight but only told me the actual value on a weekly basis!

To this end I found an end-of-line scale in the January Sales and set about figuring out how it worked… this project might never complete due to pressure of work/life etc. but it might be fun along the way…

The scale I found was a Salter Ultimate Accuracy Electronic Scale Model: 9073 WH3R for a bargin price of £12.49 (half the normal price) and definitely cheaper than the buying s set of load cells from a electronics supplier.  I choose Salter as we have some old Salter 9106 scales for our normal use and these have not only served us well but also I knew that from a previous repair these had four load cells, one in each corner and this sounded like an excellent design to take forward.


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